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When it comes to chimney care, there are some similarities between masonry chimneys and prefab ones. For one thing, annual inspections and regular sweepings are always a must, no matter what type of system you’re operating. And they both utilize similar parts, like chimney caps, chimney dampers, fireboxes, and more.

That said, they have some distinct differences, too. One way a prefab system differs from a masonry one is that it has a wooden chimney chase, rather than a chimney built from bricks and mortar. A well-built wooden chimney chase will protect your home and chimney, reducing the likelihood of experiencing fires, gas leaks, water damage, pest invasion, and more.

But if your chase is rotted or broken down, your home and system could face some serious damage.

We Offer Wooden Chimney Chase Repairs

If your wooden chase is damaged, we can secure the framing to better support your exterior, repair or replace the flashing, install a new chase cover, equip you with a more reliable chimney cap, install a roofing cricket, and repair your roof connection.

And if your liner has faced damage, we can address that, too.

Our Full Service List

We pride ourselves on having the experience and knowledge to handle a wide range of chimney and fireplace services. No matter what type of system you have – prefab, masonry, gas-fueled, wood-burning, etc. – our techs are here to help. Rely on us for the following chimney and fireplace services:

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