We Have the Tools & Training to Parge Your Smoke Chamber Smooth

Smoke chamber parging is a service most sweeps recommend nowadays, but it can leave homeowners asking a lot of questions. Like… where is my smoke chamber? What does parging mean? Is it really necessary?

Well, we’re here to answer any questions you may be facing. We’ll do our best to address common concerns here, but if there’s something we’ve missed, just reach out and we’d be happy to fill you in.

Where Is My Smoke Chamber & What Does It Do?

The smoke chamber is the area right above your firebox. It’s shaped like an upside down funnel, and its job is to direct smoke and other fumes up to your chimney, where they can then safely exit your home.

Unfortunately, smoke chambers are prone to damage from time to time. Cracks and deterioration throughout this area can lead to all kinds of issues, including inefficiency, backdrafts, and creosote buildup. You’ll also be more prone to experience house fires, since the heat from your firebox will have easier access to your walls and framing.

Another problem is that many smoke chambers of the past were built with a corbeled or stair-step design. While this may not seem like such a huge deal, it can create numerous issues. For one, smoke won’t flow as smoothly through your system, causing it to back up into your home after hitting all those bumps and ridges. Another problem is that there are more spaces for smoke to linger, thus upping the amount of creosote likely to form.

All in all, smoke chambers are very important parts of your system, but if they aren’t maintained or properly built, they could do more harm than good.

Illustration of Brick Fireplace with wood burning in it

What Is Smoke Chamber Parging & What Are the Benefits?

So, what can be done to prevent damage and potential hazards? This is where smoke chamber parging comes in. Parging consists of filling in all of those gaps, steps, and ridges, leaving a smooth finish and allowing smoke a seamless path away from your living space. We’ll start by cleaning the area thoroughly, then we’ll fill it in with a specialized mortar mix, known for its dependability and durability. Once this dries, you’ll be good to go.

What can you expect once the process is complete?

  • Better air flow. Once your smoke chamber is smoothed out, smoke and other byproducts will flow through your chimney more quickly and smoothly.
  • No backdrafts. Since smoke won’t be bouncing off any imperfections or ridges, you can rest assured it won’t be working its way back into your home any time soon.
  • Added protection for your home. When it comes to your chimney components, the ability to block out heat and flames from your home is imperative. A parged smoke chamber will do just that.
  • Heightened efficiency. The better built your chimney and all of its parts are, the better it will function for you and your household.
  • Less overall buildup. Since smoke won’t be lingering and cooling inside of your smoke chamber, you should notice a decrease in creosote accumulation.
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