Our Chimney Caps Offer Long-Lasting Protection

All chimneys have an opening on top that gives smoke the ability to vent out. Unfortunately, while this opening is completely necessary, it can leave your chimney vulnerable to animal entry, clogging, and damage from inclement weather. So, what’s the solution? Easy – a reliable and professionally installed chimney cap.

Chimney Caps Protect Against Water

The biggest thing your chimney cap will do for your chimney is protect it against water. If water gains easy access to the inside of your flue, various parts of your system will face damage. Any metal components will rust and corrode, your liner will face damage, your smoke shelf and firebox will break down, and your system will be unsafe for use.

The cap covers the chimney opening, giving smoke and other fumes the ability to get out, while preventing water, snow, sleet, and any other forms of moisture from working their way in.

The Other Functions of a Chimney Cap

The great thing about caps is that, while blocking out water is what they’re most known for, they actually serve a lot of other helpful functions, too.

1. Caps keep out birds and woodland critters. Birds, squirrels, raccoons, rodents, and other little critters have a habit of finding refuge in chimneys. And who can blame them? It’s warm, sturdy, and it keeps them out of sight from predators. That said, when it comes time to light a fire, both you and the animals will face some serious risks. A cap will keep them out for good.

2. Caps reduce clogging. Animals aren’t the only thing that can work their way into an uncapped flue. All types of debris (grass clippings, small twigs, leaves, etc.) can work their way in on a windy day. Many of these materials are flammable, increasing your chance of experiencing a chimney fire, and they’ll inhibit proper airflow, too.

3. Caps block stray sparks. Did you know embers can work their way up your chimney from time to time? This could result in sparks flying out and landing on flammable roofing materials or piles of leaves by your chimney. And if these ignite, it might not be long until flames spread throughout the rest of your home.

4. Caps stop downdrafts. No one wants downdrafts coming into their home through the chimney. This makes heating your home much more difficult on cooler days, and it’ll likely cause your HVAC system to run longer than necessary, too, upping your monthly bills significantly.

5. Caps save you money. All of the benefits of chimney caps have something in common – they save you money. Caps prevent countless damages from occurring, many of which are costly and time-consuming to fix. Trust us – an affordable cap now is definitely a worthwhile investment when you consider its potential to save you thousands down the line.

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Another source of chimney leaks is a faulty chimney crown. Ask our experts to check things out for you.