Keep Water Out With Our Professional Flashing Repair Services

If there’s one thing to know about your chimney and fireplace it’s that it doesn’t usually fare well against water and moisture. We’ve been in this industry for over four decades, and we’d say that a majority of chimney damages stem from water-related issues… which is why doing everything possible to protect your chimney from leaks is so important.

One area of your system that is especially vulnerable to water invasion is the spot where your roof meets your chimney. Because your roof and chimney are made from different materials, they expand and contract at different rates, which leaves openings for water to easily enter and cause damage to your home and chimney.

Fortunately, we’re qualified to seal the area with reliable chimney flashing.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing consists of metal sheets that create a waterproof seal to protect the area where the chimney and roof come together. There are three major types of flashing – step flashing, counter flashing, and base flashing – and all are needed to guarantee an efficient and long-lasting seal.

What role does each play?

  • Step Flashing: Step flashing consists of L-shaped pieces of metal that lie under the roofing shingles and along the brick of your masonry chimney.
  • Counter (or Cap) Flashing: L-shaped metal pieces designed to cover the step flashing. Counter flashing is embedded into a groove that’s cut into the chimney brickwork to guarantee a long-lasting seal.
  • Base Flashing: These are the pieces installed at the base of the chimney to further guard against water penetration.

Here at Madewell we can install metal chimney flashing or copper chimney flashing. Reach out today to discuss which would be most appropriate for you.

Signs Your Flashing Needs Repairs

How might you know that your flashing is suffering? Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Leaks or water pooling inside of the chimney
  • Discoloration (often red, green, black/brown, or white) throughout your brickwork
  • Water staining on the ceiling and walls next to your chimney
  • Visible gaps in the caulking around the flashing

If you spot any of these signs, it’s imperative to have your flashing repaired or replaced as quickly as possible to prevent chimney, roofing, or interior damage to your home.  Madewell Masonry is trusted throughout the area, and we’re confident we can handle the job.

Why Trust an Expert?

If flashing isn’t installed correctly, it’s just as bad as if it weren’t there in the first place. Water will still find areas to enter, and the flashing itself could be more prone to rust and break down, too. And in some cases, animals might tamper with it if they find any weak spots.

Basically, this is one job you want done correctly from the beginning, which means hiring a team that really knows their stuff. We’ve won the trust of many throughout Memphis, Hernando, Lakeland, with our experience and exceptional workmanship, and we’d love to prove ourselves to you, too. If you need flashing repairs, we’re the team to rely on.

You Can Count On Us

We know how frustrating it is to hire a company you think is reliable, only to realize they do poor-quality work that doesn’t provide those long-lasting results you were hoping for. That’s why we put in the time, effort, and work necessary to do things right the first time.

Call us at 901-443-1036 to schedule or you can reach out to us online if that’s better for you. Make your life easier and ease stress by working with us for it all.


You might be surprised to learn how much professional waterproofing can help prevent and fix chimney leaks.