We Can Assist With All of Your Chimney Relining Needs

A chimney with a missing or faulty liner is bound to face some serious issues. In fact, operating an unlined chimney can result in house fires and gas leaks, both of which threaten the safety of your family and can lead to some big expenses down the line. But how can you know whether your chimney’s liner is in need of repair (or if your chimney even has one)? By calling on us.

What Is a Chimney Liner? What Does It Do?

Your chimney liner is what insulates your chimney, so that smoke, gases, and other fireplace byproducts safely make their way outside – all while keeping your home protected in the process. And when installed correctly and appropriately maintained it can do its job very effectively.

The problem comes when cracking and deterioration occur, leaving your system vulnerable to damage and your home more susceptible to gas leaks and fire hazards. In fact, any breaches in the chimney liner can result in combustible materials in the walls, ceiling, or attic igniting and triggering a house fire.

Chimney liners can be made of clay tiles, aluminum, stainless steel, or casted masonry materials, and finding the best option for your home is imperative for keeping it safer. If you’re not sure where your current liner stands or if you need your current one repaired or replaced, we’d be happy to help.

Two men wearing helmets and harnessess installing a new chimney liner

Do I Need a New Chimney Liner?

How can you tell whether or not you may need a new liner? A few surefire indicators include:


If your chimney is not efficiently pulling smoke and fumes safely outdoors, your liner may be incorrectly sized or damaged. Regardless of the cause of your smoke-related issues, getting a tech in to look things over is a must.


Bad smells from your chimney and fireplace usually mean there’s buildup inside that shouldn’t be there. Creosote, soot, and other debris can cause significant corrosion in your liner, so be wary of any foul odors.


If you have a clay liner and notice bits of it are breaking off into your firebox, it’s likely you have water damage that needs to be addressed. Not only will this cause structural problems, but it could trigger clogs, too.

But the best way to know whether you’re in need of professional maintenance? Schedule an inspection. In fact, your chimney should be swept and inspected annually to ensure the liner is in good shape and that there are no potential problems developing that may affect your burning season.

Our professionals can diagnose whether your flue’s liner is safe or if it’s creating a risk for you and your family. The number one cause of chimney fires is faulty liners, and if you have an older home, your chimney may not even have a liner installed, so call us in today to look things over.

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Our chimney and fireplace repairs include all sorts of issues, such as damper repair.