Avoid Creosote Buildup & Chimney Fires by Hiring Us for Your Next Sweeping

There are many things you can do to keep your chimney running better and safer throughout the years, but one of the more important is having creosote and other buildup regularly cleared out. Over time, various things can work their way into your system, many of which are combustible, and this can create a lot of dangerous problems when you go to light a fire.

Fortunately, we can help.

We Offer Mess-Free Service

During our sweepings, we clear out any buildup in your flue, and we clean your smoke ducts, flue pipes, and fireplace, too. We’ll also verify that your chimney is structurally sound by performing a full chimney inspection to ensure that your chimney is functioning properly and safely. We also offer other services, like chimney cap installation, to help maintain the integrity of your chimney down the line.

And no worries about us leaving a big mess.

Before we start anything, we’ll lay down a protective floor covering, so your belongings, floor, and furniture stay safer. Then, when the job is done, we’ll carefully and thoroughly vacuum the entire area, leaving you with a clean home and fireplace that’s ready for use.

3 men kneeling on the ground and facing a fireplace with a vacuum bucket next to them

What Is Creosote? Can I Avoid It?

Creosote is the substance that forms on the interior walls of your chimney as you burn fires. It’s created when the byproducts of combustion, like smoke, water vapor, etc. travel up your chimney, cool down and condense at the top, then cling to the walls of your flue. What results is a black or brown corrosive substance (creosote), that slowly builds up over time.

There are a few big problems with creosote:

  1. It’s very combustible. Likely the biggest issue with creosote is its ability to burn. Your firebox is built to stand up against the flames of your fireplace, but the chimney isn’t. Should your creosote build up and ignite, flames will snake up your flue, creating a chimney fire and causing a lot of damage along the way.
  2. It creates clogs. Clogs of any kind are bad for performance, and they increase the likelihood of smoke, carbon monoxide, and other fumes backing up into your home and causing illness.
  3. It’s corrosive. Even if you avoid a chimney fire, creosote can still cause corrosion and other types of deterioration throughout your chimney interior.
  4. It smells bad. Excess creosote deposits can trigger some pretty bad odors in your home, especially during the warmer months when your air conditioner is running. And if you’ve got chimney leaks, the water can mix with it to create a foul, musty odor, too.

What does this all boil down to? Creosote isn’t something to mess around with. The bad news is, if you burn wood, creosote is going to form regardless. Yes, you can minimize the rate at which it forms by burning hotter fires, encouraging good airflow, and burning only seasoned wood in your fireplace… but even then it will still build up, albeit slower.

But there’s good news, too. And that’s that you can avoid damages and other dangerous incidents by scheduling regular sweepings with our qualified crew.

I’ve Had a Chimney Fire… Now What?

Have you already experienced a chimney fire? First things first, don’t put your system to use! Once a chimney fire has occurred, it is much more likley that you’ll experience gas leaks, smoke exposure, fire hazards, and more, and your home will be at risk every time you go to light a fire.

Next, schedule a level 2 inspection with us. There’s a good chance various parts of your system (like your chimney cap, chase cover, flashing, etc.) are damaged, making you more vulnerable to leaks and other damage, and your chimney itself is sure to need some repairs completed, too.

When it comes to your chimney, the sooner any repairs are addressed the better. Waiting will only lead to more damage, costing you more time and money down the line, so get in touch with our crew today to get the care you need.

Give Us a Call

Don’t wait to get your next sweeping scheduled. The sooner you have this maintenance completed, the sooner you can rest easier knowing your system will function safer and more reliably every time you light a fire.

Reach us by calling 901-443-1036 or you can schedule your next visit online. You won’t regret choosing us.


Making necessary chimney and fireplace repairs ia all part of our chimney and fireplace services expertise. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.