Count On Our Experienced Team to Restore Your Wooden Chimney Chase

There are lots of benefits to owning a prefab system. They’re affordable, quick to install (by a professional), and perfect for homeowners who don’t want a permanent fixture built into their home. There’s also more flexibility in terms of placement, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to efficiency either.

That said, many assume that, because these systems offer so many benefits, they don’t require as much maintenance as their traditional masonry counterparts. This is far from true. Like with a masonry chimney, prefabricated units need annual inspections, as well as regular repairs and replacement parts from time to time. And one area of your prefab system that tends to suffer the most from a lack of care is the wooden chimney chase.

Now, a well-built wooden chimney chase will reduce the risk of a fire, keep your home warmer, properly contain the chimney pipe, and prevent water and pests from entering your home. But if yours is experiencing damage, you could face some serious risks. Which is why, if you need help, it’s imperative to call us in right away.

Water Damage & Your Wooden Chimney Chase

What types of issues does a wooden chimney chase tend to face? Well, most problems have to do with water exposure. When your chase isn’t properly protected from moisture, it will be more prone to face rotting throughout its siding and wall sheathing. In fact, wood chases are especially susceptible to water intrusion because they aren’t protected by any type of soffit or overhang.

And once your chase becomes compromised, other parts of your setup will be prone to damage, too. Moisture, along with pests and other outdoor debris, will have easier access to the rest of your system, and you’ll be more likely to experience mold accumulation, too. Metal components will rust, deterioration will occur, and in the end, your system will be unsafe for use until all issues are addressed.

Fortunately, we’re equipped to handle all kinds of wooden chase-related problems. Some of the repairs we may need to complete include:

  • securing the framing to properly support the exterior
  • replacing a problematic chase cover
  • repairing or replacing damaged flashing
  • inspecting and repairing your roof connection
  • installing a new chimney cap
  • installing a roofing cricket

What Is a Chase Cover? Do I Need One?

Now, when it comes to protecting your chase, one of the most important things you’ll need is a properly designed and well-fitted chase cover. A chimney chase cover is essentially the crown of a prefabricated system. It fits on top of the chase, then works to keep outside elements, like water, snow, leaves, debris, and critters, out of the fireplace and flue.

Unfortunately, many of these are made from unreliable galvanized metal and end up wearing out in as quickly as five years. If you notice corrosion or rust (i.e. reddish brown stains around the top of your chase), call us in and we can get you set up with something more reliable.

We’re a Quick Phone Call Away

If you see any signs of damage throughout your chimney chase, don’t hesitate to call on our knowledgeable crew. Madewell Masonry can inspect your prefab chimney chase for any potential issues, then offer long-lasting repairs to ensure it’s working properly and keeping your home safer. We have more than 40 years of experience in repairing and replacing wooden chimney chases, prefab fireplace inserts, and prefab chimneys, so be sure to reach out to us for it all.

Call 901-443-1036 to get started, or fill out our online form to schedule your future visit.


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