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A leaky chimney is never a good thing, and the longer any damages go unaddressed, the more your system and home are bound to suffer. One area that tends to face a lot of abuse is the chimney crown. It’s designed to direct water away from the side of your masonry, but in doing so it takes a lot of abuse. Which is why it needs to be built right from the start and professionally maintained thereafter.

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What Causes Crown Damage?

What can cause a chimney crown to break down prematurely?

  • Poor Initial Construction: One of the biggest reasons chimney crowns fail is because they weren’t built correctly to begin with. All crowns should be at least two inches thick, formed from a Portland cement-based mixture, and should extend far enough past the edge of the chimney to ensure water can’t access the masonry sides.
  • No Waterproofing: If crowns are never waterproofed, moisture will be able to easily soak into the materials, which will then cause corrosion and cracking. And once imperfections form, damages will only get worse with time (especially due to the freeze/thaw cycle). The sooner preventive care is completed, the better.
  • Severe Weather/Natural Disasters: Have you experienced some major storms or a natural disaster (like a tornado, flood, earthquake, etc.)? It’s likely your crown may need some attention, and you’ll definitely need a level 2 chimney inspection completed, too.
  • Natural Wear & Tear: Like with most things around the home, sometimes even the most well-maintained chimney parts break down due to natural wear and tear. Your crown faces a lot being located outside of the home, so it’s bound to need some TLC from time to time.

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