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Is your liner not functioning efficiently? This could put you and your household at risk. If you need care, don’t wait to call us to your home in Lakeland, Pea Point, Bush Grove, Brunswick, Lenow, Ellendale, Cordova, Pisgah, Eads, Gildfield, Bolton, Arlington, Fisherville, Elmore Park, Collierville, Memphis, Germantown, or anywhere else nearby.

Chimney liner damage isn’t something to neglect. And using a chimney with a crumbling or decayed liner could put you and your family face-to-face with some serious hazards. Unfortunately, because liners are hidden within the flue, many don’t spot damages until they become big and threatening.

This is one reason why scheduling annual inspections is so important! If you’re worried about the state of your chimney liner (or any other other part of your system), don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals today.

The Purpose of Your Chimney Liner

There are three main functions that liners serve.

  1. They protect your home. According to various tests by the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), the heat from your fireplace can move from the chimney to adjacent woodwork in only a matter of hours. A professionally installed chimney liner prevents this from occurring, ensuring your home and family stay safer every time you light a fire.
  2. They protect your masonry. Your fires produce a lot of byproducts that are known to be very damaging to your masonry, and if your chimney gets damaged, you’ll be more at risk for house fires and gas leaks. Because of this, something needs to be in place to protect your bricks and mortar. Liners ensure any acidic gases don’t eat away at these important parts of your chimney.
  3. They enhance efficiency. Like with all chimney parts, liners need to be appropriately sized and correctly installed to ensure smoke and other fumes can safely exit your home. If these requirements are not met, you’ll likely experience poor draft and higher amounts of creosote deposits, both of which invite hazards and put you at risk.

Our crew is equipped to set you up with the most appropriate liner for your needs, answering any and all of your questions along the way. Enjoy safer fires by counting on us for all of your chimney relining needs.

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