Problems With Your Chimney Damper? Madewell Masonry Is Here to Help

Your chimney damper is essentially a lid or seal located inside your chimney flue that is operable by a chain or pull system. The job of the damper is to prevent cold air from swooping down into your home when your chimney isn’t in use, and to safely allow smoke to exit through the chimney when a fire is lit.

Needless to say, when the damper becomes damaged or when it cannot open or close properly, it dramatically impairs your ability to use your fireplace correctly. Fortunately, our crew can help with any issues you may be experiencing.

Common Chimney Damper Problems

Dampers can run into more problems than you might think, but we have solutions for them all. Here are some of the more common things we see – and what might happen if you don’t invest in professional care:

  • The plate gets off track. If your damper plate isn’t situated correctly, it can affect the smoke’s ability to safely move up and out of your chimney. This could result in smoke entering your home, stinking things up and affecting the health of those within it.
  • The damper won’t close. A damper that’s stuck open results in downdrafts coming into your living space and your HVAC system will likely be stuck working overtime, too. Not only does this shorten the life of the system, but it will cause your monthly bills to rise, too.
  • The damper won’t open. If your damper is stuck shut, you won’t be able to put your system to use without smoke and other fumes reversing back into your home, which could result in some serious hazards and health issues.
  • The damper is damaged. Sometimes dampers become cracked or broken, and we’ve even seen dampers fall into the firebox completely. This is another thing that can increase the chance of downdrafts and affect the overall temperature and aesthetic of your space.

The biggest problem with any damper-related issue is that dampers are typically hidden within the chimney, meaning damages or malfunctions aren’t always quick or easy to detect. If you’re noticing cold downdrafts coming through your flue, unpleasant odors (namely in the summertime), smoke entering your household, or just poor overall airflow, it could very well be that some damper repairs (or a replacement) may be in order.

We Can Repair or Replace Your Chimney Damper

No matter what type of damper problem you’re experiencing, our crew can help. In fact, we offer long-term solutions to all kind of chimney and fireplace issues, so call us today to ensure your system’s working as well as it can with every passing season.

Dial 901-443-1036 to speak with a team member or visit us online to schedule an appointment, and we’ll be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!


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